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  • 5 Summer 2020 Jewelry Trends That I'm Loving Right Now

    Hi Lovelies, It's summertime! Kind of. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, this summer is looking a bit different than what we're use to. In many places, our favorite summer locations and hangouts are either closed or are on limited access. But, this doesn't mean that we can't be our gorgeous, st... View Post
  • August Birthstone-The Brilliant Green Peridot

    Ever wonder what each month's birthstone means? Are you wanting to learn more about the special properties of gemstones? Do you need some help in finding meaningful gifts for the most important people in your life? Are you looking for fun ways to style birthstone jewelry? If you answered "Yes, t... View Post
  • I'm Back!

     Hi lovelies! So sorry about the three-month hiatus! I struggled with what to write along with having a busy summer. I plan on updating this blog more often this fall and winter, no worries! Here are some of the things that happened this summer: ​​SMLXL  I launched my first collection, JG S... View Post