JG Signature Sterling Silver Stacking Ring with Tube Set Birthstone-Shown with Alexandrite


Alexandrite has become my second favorite stone, after Emeralds, to use in sterling silver settings. They have an almost magical ability to change color-from reddish purple in incandescent lights to a brilliant green-blue in natural sunlight. Alexandrite really represents the dual nature of Geminis, one the signs of June birthdays! You lucky June Babes!

This Sterling Silver Stacking Ring with Tube-Set Alexandrite features a tube-set Alexandrite on a 14 gauge sterling silver wire shank that the artist formed and soldered by hand. This ring band is sturdy enough for everyday wear, but still maintains my signature dainty, elegantly quirky design. It goes well with all my other stacking rings! 

Other Sizes and Stones Available: Aquamarine-Size 5: Pink Tourmaline-Size 5, 5.5 & 8: Ruby-Size 6: Peridot-Size 7 1/4: Cubic Zirconia-Size 9 1/4. Please specify which stone and ring size you'd like when checking out.

Stone: Lab-grown Alexandrite (other birthstones available), 3mm

Ring shank: 14 gauge sterling silver wire

Size: 6 1/4 (other Sizes available)

Packaging: Comes in a kraft box (not shown)