JG Signature Sterling Silver Paisley Stud Earrings


"Sometimes, I just want or need a simple pair of stud earrings that still express my style" Josie Graff, owner & Chief Visionary Officer of Josie Graff Jewelry Design.

Looking for a simple & stylish, not boring and overdone, pair of stud earrings? I was, too, when I designed and created these Silver Paisley Stud Earrings! Sometimes, I'm involved in an activity where big or dangle earrings are too much flash or too dangerous to wear (i.e. figure skating, playing with small children and pets, etc.). My Paisley Stud Earrings fit the bill perfectly, while still being, elegant, quirky, classy, AND fun! They pair great with any necklace here at JosieGraff.com to make an awesome gift!

Measurements: 1/2 in wide

Earrings:Original design, handcrafted by the artist, sterling silver, paisley

Ear wires: 20 gauge Sterling silver with rubber wire stopper, dainty, handmade by artist

Packaging: Comes in a kraft box (not shown)