JG Signature Paisley Sterling Silver Y-Necklace with Tube-set Blue Zicron


A fellow jewelry designer gave me the idea to create a necklace that repeated my favorite paisley motif, and this is one of the designs I came up with after talking with my friend. It's so amazing to have colleagues with whom you can grow together as makers!

This Paisley Sterling Silver Y Necklace with Tube-set Blue Zicron is so awesome! It combines both wire and sheet together in the Y pendant, creating a new chain that moves with your body. There are two styles of paisleys, with the sheet ones featuring a tube-set, lab-grown Blue Zicron (December Birthstone Alert!), and the wire ones look a little bit like wings (totally unintentional, but rocks!) on either side. They flow down from their chain in alternating sections, ending with a two pearl beaded drop. The length of the sterling silver chain is 19 inches. It's a great necklace for layering with longer chains, such as my Paisley Bib necklaces or any of my JG Signature Collection pendants!

Stone: Lab-grown Blue Zicron (Other stones available upon request)

Y-Pendant section: 6 inches long, original design, handcrafted by the artist, sterling silver, paisley, pearl drop

Chain: 19 inch overall length, handmade clasp, sterling silver, dainty

Packaging: Comes in a kraft box (not shown)