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Have you ever reached into your jewelry box to pull out your favorite pair of earrings, and found that they're tarnished? Or have you ever grab your favorite necklace as your heading out the door, only to find that it's hopelessly tangled?

The struggle is real, but I'm here to help. 

Hi, I'm Josie, the creative force behind Josie Graff Jewelry Design-the jewelry brand for elegantly quirky women looking to change the world. I've culled through my nearly 15 years of experience in the art jewelry world to create this free Jewelry Care Guide to help you tackle your biggest jewelry care issues.

In this free Jewelry Care Guide, I'll go over where tarnish comes from, simple and non-toxic was to clean your jewelry, and what you need to do to de-tangle  even the most hopelessly knotted chains.

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